zena van den block

50 Over 50/You Are On View


Performance, 14’16” at De Nor, Antwerp on the 7th of August 2019

Collaboration with Carl Haase



--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb9gxG4tVqc


Digital rear projection with images taken from Google Streetview showing places of interest of the 50 most visited cities worldwide. For every image I would reenact a different position of a tourist taking a photograph. Because I was standing behind the screen, only a shadow was visible.

(Photos: Idris Sevenans)

/Beach By Night

/Changing Seascape

/Untitled (Mountain View)

/Sunset Study

/Wikipedia Visits


/Peeking At The Neighbours

/I Went To Crete On The 4th Of May


/Groetjes Uit België

/Zonder Titel


/Photographing My Mother

/The Birth And Death Of...

/Life As My Intimate Party


/Welcoming Man

/Ik Ken Je Niet Maar Ik Hoop Dat Je Kwaad Wordt Als Je Het Ziet