zena van den block

I went to Crete on the 4th of May between 10pm 14 minutes 10 seconds and 11pm 42 minutes 53 seconds

a report of my virtual trip to Crete through Google Streetview

performed with 35mm slides, projector and text


/The Possibility of Becoming Wood (Sunset by Mountains)

/The Possibility of Becoming Wood (Shelves)

/The Possibility of Becoming Wood (Negative Forms/Form Study)

/Sunset (Discolights)

/Beach By Night

/Changing Seascape

/Untitled (Mountain View)

/Sunset Study

/You Know You've Got Me In Your Pocket

/Katzelkes II


/The Least Favourite Pieces of the Mona Lisa

/Tube Snake

/Accidental Self-Portraits

/Sorveteria Ponte Da Mucela

/Ik Was Erbij - Memory

/Your Favorite Piece of the Mona Lisa

/Certain Shades of White

/De Gilmansstraat 22 - 2100 Deurne

/Belgisch Eclecticisme

/A Memory of My Day At The Photomaton

/24.03.2018 16u24 Kattendijkdok Oostkaai Antwerpen


/Mijn Fiets In Gent


/50 Ways To Pose As A Tourist Taking Pictures

/Holidays In The Sun

/Wikipedia Visits