zena van den block

ik was erbij - memory


252cc, the cultural centre of Ekeren, asked me to work with the photographs they collected of the past cultural season and make a work in the park. I chose eighteen different faces of people who visited or worked at the cultural centre the last year and made a life-size memory game. The sequence of the faces was decided by two people who played the game in miniature version. Every step of their game was photographed, and later done again and scanned. This resulted in a publication that was available for free next to the memory board.


memory game:


wood, lacquer, concrete, full color photographs




black and white poster, sticker, card, plastic bag


magazine display:

wood, lacquer, plexi, stickers, metal tube


thanks to:

252cc, Floor Wyns, Camille Cluzan, Idris Sevenans, Nienke Baeckelandt, Daniel Van Espen, Rony Van den Block, Nancy Uytgeerts, Stevie, Bruno en Ramona Kristo, Ean Van den Block

/Accidental Self-Portraits

/Sorveteria Ponte Da Mucela

/Ik Ken Je Niet Maar Ik Hoop Dat Je Kwaad Wordt Als Je Het Ziet