zena van den block

a memory of my day at the photomaton (places of interest)


a series of images taken in a photomaton at the station, used to make a keychain souvenir of my fictive excursions to the places shown on the pictures.


six different editions of famous places of interest:


Eiffel Tower

Taj Mahal

Forbidden City

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Great Sphinx of Giza

Statue of Liberty



editions of 14 + 2 A.P.

/Your Favorite Piece of the Mona Lisa

/Certain Shades of White

/Belgisch Eclecticisme

/A Memory of My Day At The Photomaton

/24.03.2018 16u24 Kattendijkdok Oostkaai Antwerpen


/Mijn Fiets In Gent


/50 Ways To Pose As A Tourist Taking Pictures

/Holidays In The Sun

/Wikipedia Visits


/Peeking At The Neighbours

/I Went To Crete On The 4th Of May


/Groetjes Uit België

/Zonder Titel


/Photographing My Mother

/The Birth And Death Of...

/Life As My Intimate Party


/Welcoming Man

/Ik Ken Je Niet Maar Ik Hoop Dat Je Kwaad Wordt Als Je Het Ziet






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