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Wikipedia Visits

Visit places in Belgium of Wikipedia-pages without photograph to post the first photo on the topic



+ 2 editions:

Wikipedia Visits: alle gefotografeerde artikels in de staat waarin ze zich bevinden op 27 september 2017

(edition of 15, 60 pages, black and white)

Wikipedia Visits

(edition of 7 + 2 AP, contains first edition and every photograph in color, together in a stamped ordner)

/The Possibility of Becoming Wood (Negative Forms/Form Study)

/Sunset (Discolights)


/Holidays In The Sun

/Wikipedia Visits


/Peeking At The Neighbours

/I Went To Crete On The 4th Of May


/Groetjes Uit België

/Zonder Titel


/Photographing My Mother

/The Birth And Death Of...

/Life As My Intimate Party


/Welcoming Man

/Ik Ken Je Niet Maar Ik Hoop Dat Je Kwaad Wordt Als Je Het Ziet






35 photographs made for Wikipedia pages

presentation of the edition Wikipedia Visits at Troebel Neyntje, Antwerp