zena van den block

You Know You’ve Got Me in Your Pocket (Guy, Stay With Me) / You Know You’ve Got Me in Your Pocket (Piper, Stay With Me)


Digital prints on plastic foil, wooden frames, LED-lights, plexiglass



When we moved into the house where I lived as a child, I found a pile of chromo images with Hollywood moviestars from the fifties. A few of them were folded, which made me imagine how the former owner of the house would go to the movies regularly and dream away by thinking of these stars. What struck me the most, was that all the images look so similar. There is a distinct way of portraying and colorizing the photographs, and the printing process makes them look like drawings. It adds up to the inaccessibility of the people shown here.

(Photo: Larsen Bervoets. Here on view during Beach By Night at Haecken & Ooghen, Antwerp with Untitled (Mountain View) in the middle.)

/Untitled (Mountain View)

/Sunset Study

/You Know You've Got Me In Your Pocket

/Katzelkes II


/The Least Favourite Pieces of the Mona Lisa

/Tube Snake

/Accidental Self-Portraits

/Sorveteria Ponte Da Mucela

/Ik Was Erbij - Memory

/Your Favorite Piece of the Mona Lisa

/Certain Shades of White

/De Gilmansstraat 22 - 2100 Deurne

/Belgisch Eclecticisme

/A Memory of My Day At The Photomaton

/24.03.2018 16u24 Kattendijkdok Oostkaai Antwerpen


/Mijn Fiets In Gent


/50 Ways To Pose As A Tourist Taking Pictures

/Holidays In The Sun

/Wikipedia Visits


/Peeking At The Neighbours

/I Went To Crete On The 4th Of May


/Groetjes Uit België

/Zonder Titel


/Photographing My Mother

/The Birth And Death Of...

/Life As My Intimate Party


/Welcoming Man

/Ik Ken Je Niet Maar Ik Hoop Dat Je Kwaad Wordt Als Je Het Ziet