Wikipedia Visits

A series of photographs that were made while visiting places in Belgium.

The places did already have a page on Wikipedia, but did not have a accompanying photograph yet. In order to complete these pages, I went to photograph these spots and posted them online.
In every picture there is a small piece of my arm or head visible. Eventually the Wikipedians did not like the attributions that I made and deleted most of the pictures, and cropped a few. Some of the Wikipedians were even offended and eventually I got banned posting photographs on the online encyclopedia.

The photographs, articles and conversations with the Wikipedians were brought together in two editions and were presented at Troebel Neyntje, Antwerp.

Wikipedia Visits
(edition of 7 + 2 AP, contains first edition and every photograph in color, together in a stamped ordner)

Wikipedia Visits: alle gefotografeerde artikels in de staat waarin ze zich bevinden op 27 september 2017
(edition of 15, 60 pages, black and white)